Pavones Yoga Center Align Your Intention with Attention

Costa Rica’s Premier Yoga Teacher Training Certification School

Our holistic approach delivers life-long skills to help graduates reconnect to their deepest intentions while recognizing the interconnected nature of all living systems. Our programs combine the modern science of functional anatomy and physiology with eternal natural laws designed to bring us back into harmony with the living system that is planet Earth. Discover an untapped realm of pristine Costa Rica coast and soak in the power of the Pacific Ocean. Be a part of the Pavones Yoga Center experience. Join us for a yoga teacher training or retreat…

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Deepen Your Practice

Become a Yoga Teacher

Spend a month fully immersed in our all-inclusive nature-based 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. As human consciousness evolves, our understanding of our deep connection with the natural world also grows. Through yoga we discover keys within ourselves that naturally begin to heal our hearts, minds, bodies, and by effortless extension, the world around us. In this 26-day intensive yoga teacher training, we merge the physical and contemplative practice of yoga with principles of conscious living that are crucial to long-term survival of life on our planet...

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Multidimensional Yoga

Why Study at Pavones Yoga Center

Ancient yoga texts say that human beings have a multidimensional nature composed of several layers, koshas, in Sanskrit. Similarly, earth-based cultures such as the Okanagan speak of the four selves: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These layers can be loosely described as aspects of self that, when in balance, help us to feel connected to all living systems around us. A multidimensional yoga practice honors that each person walks into class with his or her personal intention...

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